Welcome to Team BEE Computers!

My wife and I are pleased to announce the next chapter in our journey:

Over the last couple of years Jennifer and I have devoted our time, talent, and resources into the growth of our family farm. We now manage multiple bee hives, over 50 chickens, a fruit orchard of 30 trees, several different berry patches and an ever expanding array of vegetables. As the farm's fast growth now requires my full time and attention, I have chosen to officially retire from the computer industry.

To ensure your technical service and support continues uninterrupted, I've partnered with TOPAdviser Office Solutions, LLC, of Topeka, KS, as your strategic resource.

I chose to add TOPAdviser Office Solutions as your service team, because I know the owners, James & LaDonna Kelly, will ensure you continue to receive the excellent level of service and support you deserve.

Going forward, please contact TOPAdviser for any PC service or support questions you might have as well as any new computer needs. They can also provide Top-Advice for when and how you might transition to Windows 10.

Please call them directly at (785) 228-1404 as the need arises. You are also encouraged to connect with them online via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

I want to thank you for your business over the years. I highly value your trust in me and in my company, and am confident TOPAdviser will take excellent care of you going forward.

Best Regards,
Hal McBee

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